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Science at Orchard Lea Junior School

At Orchard Lea Junior School, we aim to provide a practical science curriculum that promotes and encourages curiosity and interest about our world including both living and non-living things all around us. We achieve this by meeting the National Curriculum objectives through teaching scientific concepts to support children’s knowledge and understanding, which enables the children to achieve a deeper level of working scientifically within each of the topics. This knowledge and understanding continues to be fostered in the proceeding lessons. 

We create opportunities for all of our children to behave as scientists would in real life, reflecting a problem solving approach to answering questions based on memorable and meaningful real-life contexts and that are child-led. ​This is achieved in lessons by our teachers posing stimulating and challenging questions that can be resolved by working scientifically, and that encourage critical thinking – observing, analysing, reasoning and problem solving. Before moving onto a new scientific concept, teachers use formative assessment so that future lessons can be adapted to ensure that all children are accessing the learning and are able to apply the ideas. ​

Children work collaboratively in mixed attainment groups to develop their own investigations using creative approaches based on science concepts. Our curriculum takes the existing experiences of our learners into account ensuring that learning is accessible for all. ​Children are stretched and challenged by predicting what their investigation outcomes might be, and by enquiring as to what would change if they carried out the investigation differently, or by drawing conclusions from their results.  

It is our goal that children understand the world that they live in and how our world has developed and continues to develop, and to foster a lifelong sense of wonder. Our science lessons support and nurture each child’s cultural capital, and we want our children to leave Orchard Lea Junior School as confident scientists capable of carrying out a fair test and using a scientific approach to reach their own conclusions based on a solid understanding of the world around us.  

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