Maths at Orchard Lea Junior School

Our aim is to grow enthusiastic, curious individuals who develop a lifelong passion for mathematics. We encourage all children to become highly skilled, inquisitive, forward thinking mathematicians who understand the importance of mathematics within everyday life by experiencing maths in real life for real life. Through our rich and meaningful mathematics curriculum, we provide all children, regardless of their background, with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to become successful in their future adventures within an ever-changing world. Through carefully planned activities we facilitate opportunities for children to approach complex problems with an open mind set, taking risks and understanding that making mistakes is part of the learning journey. We strive to develop a mind set in everyone that maths is achievable for all. Our mathematics culture also inspires resilient independent learners who are able to think logically and work systematically and accurately. Building upon prior knowledge and understanding in order to develop the child as an accomplished mathematician is at the heart of our curriculum. We develop mathematicians who are accurate and fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, can apply their conceptual understanding to a variety of increasingly complex mathematical problems and can reason with increased confidence.

National Curriculum for Maths

Maths End of Year Expectations 

Times Tables Rockstars

A detailed breakdown of how each area of develops across  the Primary years