The School Council is run by Mrs Thornbury, Deputy Headteacher. 

We meet regularly each half term. Before each meeting, we have a discussion with our classes to see if there are any issues or ideas that they would like us to discuss.


Our main project over the last few years has been to help raise money and generate ideas to develop the our school grounds. In addition to our outdoor learning project, we also run fundraising events throughout the year.

As members of the school council, we are often involved in organising charity events at school, for example cakes sales for Children in Need. We also support the Orchard Lea Friends (PTA) with some of their events. When visitors, such as new teachers, new parents and inspectors, come to our school, we give them a tour of our grounds, explain how our school day runs and talk to them about our learning.

If you need anything, have any questions or would like to talk about our school, please contact the school office or find us around the school. Our names are up on the board in the hall.


Normally, the school council run a healthy tuck shop. It is open every day at break time (10.35am – 10.50am). We sell a range of items: fruit, cereal bars and drinks. The tuck shop is currently closed due to our bubble safety measures. 

School Council Members 2021-2022

Jaiden & Imogen

Ava & Leon

Matthew and Saphira

Bertie and Alesha

Ethan and Sienna

Thomas and Maisy

Connor and Sophie

Rebecca and Felix