Behaviour and Learning Powers

We have high standards and expectations regarding behaviour across the Federation. Our core values and our learning powers underpin our approach to behaviour at Orchard Lea.

At the infant school, pupils are introduced to five characters known as learning powers which underpin our approach to behaviour and also towards developing a growth mindset and the skills needed for life long learning.

Click on this link to find out more about these characters and what they will mean to your child.

Meet our learning powers

At the junior school, we continue to promote the same approach but without reference to the characters.

Our behaviour policy is based on pupils earning house points for good behaviour and a colour coded sanction where necessary. Our full system is outlined in our behaviour policy which can be found by clicking on the link below:

Behaviour Policy


Pupils feel safe and they usually behave well....Staff employ fair and consistent rewards and sanctions. Ofsted 2023 (Junior)