Our Vision, Values and Aims

Aspire, Collaborate, Inspire, Care

Our vision:

  •  To create a Federation family that provides an excellent education for all children from Year R to Year 6.
  • Every child, without exception, will leave the Federation with the values, skills, qualities and aptitudes required to enable them to thrive in their future.


We will strive to:

  • Be a community where we have high expectations of ourselves and others.
  • Provide opportunities and experiences to enable children, regardless of their starting point or circumstances, to experience learning success.
  • Place the needs of our children at the heart of all decision making, caring for each and every child.
  • Respect and value staff, their development and wellbeing, encouraging them to flourish and be successful.
  • Be proactive and look to the future, changing and adapting to meet the needs of our school community to ensure success in all we do.
  • Work collaboratively within and outside the Federation to provide a positive primary experience.


Aspire for Excellence


  • Nurture and celebrate each child so they can be the best version of themselves.
  • Outcomes will be above National average and at least in line with local averages.
  • Good or better progress for all children from their starting points.
  • Close the gap for disadvantaged pupils so no child is left behind.
  • High attendance for all pupils.
  • Quality development for all staff.
  • Inclusive and cohesive culture– SEND and behaviour.  Make effective use of our resources.

Collaborate for Cohesion

  • Seamless transition from pre-school to secondary school.
  • Staff at all levels across the Federation working together for success.
  • Effective communication between all stakeholders. 
  • Value the voice of pupils, parents and staff. 
  • Collaboration within and beyond the Federation. 
  • Working together to provide a cohesive and progressive primary experience.

Inspire Ourselves and Others

  • Inspiring leadership at all levels.
  • Deliver an inspiring curriculum reflecting the needs of our pupils.
  • Provide all pupils with an enriched curriculum which also encompasses opportunities outside the Federation.
  • Create a culture where staff inspire pupils to achieve their best.
  • Celebrate our strengths and successes.

Care for Everyone 

  • A safe and secure environment for all, where everyone can flourish and grow.
  • A culture of family, where everyone is valued, cared for and respected.
  • A culture of care for others and the world built on tolerance and respect.
  • A consistent and supportive approach to staff well-being and workload.
  • To be known locally for our caring, family ethos and provision.
  • Educate all pupils to know how to care for themselves and others.