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The role of the governors is to support and challenge the school.

School governors are responsible for working with the Headteacher and school staff to ensure that all children receive the best educational opportunities.  We meet as a Full Governing Body and in Curriculum and Resources sub-committees every half-term.

Should you wish to view the minutes taken please contact the office for further information.

Governors also carry out other duties such as overseeing how the school’s budget is spent, appointment and dismissal of staff, making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe and setting and monitoring the school’s aims and policies.

We also attend training courses provided by Hampshire County Council to develop our knowledge of primary education.

Chair of Governors

Members of the Orchard Lea Federation Governing Body

Luisa Corta  Chair, Co-opted Governor

Tapani Simojoki  Vice Chair, Co-opted Governor

Hilary Brewster Executive Headteacher

Lisa De Carteret  LA Governor

Jackie Gamble   Staff Governor

Laura Tovey   Co-opted Gov

Sarah Nolan   Co-opted Gov

Andrew Bray  Co-opted Gov

Nicola Gregory Parent Governor

Vacancy Co-opted Gov

Vacancy Co-opted Gov

Vacancy Co-opted Gov

Lorraine Biddle     Associate Governor

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