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We are a two form entry junior school situated in Fareham, Hampshire. At present, we have 220 children on roll with eight class teachers, a teaching deputy headteacher, a part-time SENCo and a Headteacher. We also have a fantastic support team who work closely to assist the children and teaching staff.
We are very fortunate to benefit from extensive grounds with two playgrounds, a basketball court, an outside work area, a conservation area and a large field.
We are dedicated to giving our children the best education whilst equipping them with the skills to become well rounded independent individuals.
Our Values







& Collaboration

Our Vision Statement

We are striving to create a bright future for all of our pupils by equipping them well.

We provide learning that will enrich lives. 

We believe for all our pupils Lifelong learning matters.

Our Aims

To create a learning environment where… 

  • Learning is real, relevant, passionate and memorable. 

  • Everyone is on a journey. 

  • Every day we learn something exciting and new, often together.  

  • We have positive learning experiences at all levels.  

  • We can independently seek out new knowledge and understanding. 

  • There is a culture of success – a can-do culture. Half full rather than half empty.


With adults who…

  • Win hearts and minds.

  • Have great expectations, are aspirational and are empowering.

  • Enable achievement through high quality teaching and learning. 

  • Have high standards /expectations for all pupils. 

  • Believes every child succeeds. Achieving if not exceeding potential.

Where everyone…

  • Embraces the school community.  

  • Is valued in a supportive community.

  • Works in a team.

  • Is learning to learn and apply skills. 

  • Has pride in learning and achievement. Learning is highly valued. 

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